We finance and support
‘Smart Building Technology’ companies

Aconterra provides capital and knowhow to European early stage companies that make buildings more intelligent, more energy efficient,  safer and healthier to work or live in.

Aconterra – A Connected World


Aconterra invests in startups and scale-ups active in technologies, platforms, processes and applications, contributing to smart homes and buildings and connecting people and personnel, other IoT driven equipment, installations and other buildings.

The target companies also aim to minimize the ecological impact by making homes and buildings more efficient. Sustainability & energy efficiency is one of our key drivers.

Target companies operate on the intersection of IoT, data science, artificial intelligence and sensor technology.


We focus on startups and scale-ups with double to triple-digit CAGR. Target companies have a proven technology and are focusing on upscaling or on international expansion.

You are preferably based in Northwestern Europe. We also consider companies based in selected cities in the rest of Europe, the US, Canada, Israel and Singapore with a unique technology or solution and with plans to expand to Europe.

Our total investment amount is on average 1M€ for startups to 5M€ for scale-ups.


Aconterra has a strong focus on building a global ecosystem from which all portfolio companies can benefit. This ecosystem is built by creating a network of cross-industry sector partners, academics and potential clients, some of which are investors in the fund.

We also supply market and operational knowledge through our own and our advisors’ expertise to get you going much faster. We are committed to sharing know-how and connecting our portfolio companies with interesting contacts in our network..


Aconterra, wordplay for ‘a connected world’  is a focused ‘Smart Building Technology’ venture capital fund.

We finance and support European early stage companies that make buildings more intelligent and energy efficient, safer and better to live or work in.

As an open ended ‘evergreen’ fund, Aconterra aims for long term value and impact while creating an ecosystem for its investors and portfolio companies.

We are based in Antwerp, Belgium. Please contact us at info@aconterra.com