• Value Proposition & Investment focus

  • Our Smart Building Technology definition

  • Ecosystem

  • Current investments

  • About us

Open ended

  • Focus on long term value & impact 
  • No high pressure exits

From pre-seed to growth  

  • Ticket sizes from 500K€ to 3M€
  • Eager to enter into VC syndicates

European investment focus

  • Sweetspot: Benelux, Nordics, DACH
  • Companies outside Europe if they have a European focus

Worldwide ecosystem network

  • To strengthen our portfolio companies
  • with  other companies, incubators, universities


If it adds to:

  • Energy efficiency & sustainability
  • Health & comfort of living
  • Safety & security


  • All asset classes, from apartment to airport
  • Includes industrial, warehousing, commercial
  • Also building clusters
    (e.g. for microgrid, heat networks)


  • Focus on software: front-end, middleware, edge. Hardware can be part of the solution, but software is the distinguishing factor
  • Machine learning / AI
  • Sensors, actuators, components
  • Many buzzwords: IoT, IIoT, AIoT, BMS, NILM, BIM, AMR, CRE, IWMS, BMS, IAQ, IAM, EHSQ (to name a few) 

Besides the financial investments we strongly believe in building an Ecosystem that adds value to the fund. 

Ecosystem principles

  • Network of cross-industry players
  • Share know-how within Aconterra, investors and portfolio companies
  • Connect portfolio companies with clients, suppliers & investors
  • Soft approach: we support and encourage
  • Potential to co-work with other portfolio companies

We finance and support
‘Smart Building Technology’ companies

Aconterra Fund is a focused ‘Smart Building Technology’ venture capital fund. We finance and support European early-stage companies that make buildings more intelligent and energy efficient, safer and better to live or work in.  

As an open ended ‘evergreen’ fund, Aconterra aims for long term value and impact while creating an ecosystem for its investors and portfolio companies. 

Aconterra Fund, based in Antwerp – Belgium, started its operations in 2019 and has 30M€ assets under management to start with. It’s the first smart building tech VC.

It is managed by Aconterra Capital Partners, an independent Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) registered with the FSMA (the Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority)

To reach out, please email to info@aconterra.com

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